Visualizing Interconnected Nature

Colorful watercolor painting showing birds, leaves, sky, all interconnected within nest. by Susan Cohen ThompsonThis little watercolor painting, “Inner Nest of the Violet Greens” is an example of an overarching theme in my art. Birds, branches and leaves are flowing into each other. Even the sky takes on the shape of the birds. Everything is interconnected.

However abstract my paintings look, it is my way of expressing how I see everything interwoven into the fabric of earth. Without the environment, the birds could not exist in the material world from which they emerge as an integral part. In my paintings they are seen as an aspect of a larger whole which they cannot be separated from.

Further, they help form the environment where they find themselves. They eat the seeds from the trees where they nest, then taking flight, they spread the seeds for the next generation of the forest.

Trees, dreaming to fly, created birds. Birds, dreaming to nest, created trees.

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  • Susan, I just wanted to say you are wonderful poet as well as an artist.
    How cool it must be to live spiritual life that patallels your art.

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