There are birds all over my studio.

handmade ceramic tiles with hummingbird motif

Here are 8 of the many handmade ceramic tiles I have been working on all summer for a show in Seattle in October. Last night, I had a dream there were live birds in the house. No wonder. There is bird art in every room right now, as I get ready for two exhibitions.

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  • Sarah Knorr

    Hi Susan,

    i know these are all for a show, but wonder if the tile on the top row, second from the left, has been purchased yet? If not, is it for sale? I’d love to have it home in Virginia one day if it is available. But I’d understand if you prefer to sell live and local, or if you plan to sell these only as a whole set….I am also drawn to the last two on the second row.

    Please let me know if any of these are available for eventual purchase, and if so, the cost.

    Many thanks for your creations! Delighted just to SEE these, and to know you are fomenting beauty and honoring all things in your work every day,