Raku Bird Rattle

Ceramic Raku 4" round carved Bird Rattle by Susan Cohen ThompsonThe Cascade Clay Artists, an association of ceramic artists that I am a member of, enjoyed their annual Burn Party on the beach overlooking Port Susan on Camano Island this past Saturday. We had the opportunity to bring a few pieces to raku in kilns brought to the beach for the day by a few generous and able raku experts in our membership.

This bird rattle is one of two pieces I fired at the party.

The rattle is carved in light relief and glazed with White Crackle and TZ Copper. It is 4″ round. I haven’t figured out how I will display it yet. I don’t want it rolling off the table. It will be for sale in my studio during my up coming Open Studio exhibition October 20th & 21st. There are more birds in it than meet the eye.

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  • I just discovered you today (long after the Open Studio exhibition) and am writing from Virginia to ask if you still have a bird rattle for sale. If so, please let me know the cost. I am much enamored with this creation, and love the imagination behind it. Thank you! Sarah

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