Drawings are on 140 lb watercolor paper and are drawn with archival Indian ink pens. I draw almost every morning when relaxing with my morning coffee. My drawings are usually finished works in themselves, stimulating my thoughts and ideas but not usually sketches for paintings. They are design challenges – since they are done in ink without prior sketching, the imagery flows rather spontaneously without premeditation. Once the ink line is drawn there is no going back to erase a … Read More

Sculptural Ceramics

    My vases and bowls are hand built from slabs. These pieces are created by pressing wet clay slabs into a rubbery hand carving. The bowls were pressed with different carvings on the top and bottom while the clay slab was flat. The bowl is then placed on a plaster hump, worked some more and allowed to dry. My pieces are fired twice, the second firing for glaze to cone 5 or 6. The bowls are photographed sitting on … Read More

Bird Paintings

  Thompson sees birds as integral aspects of sky and forest. Manifestations of trees dreaming to fly. The nesting materials and places, gifts from the forests as thanks to the birds for fulfilling the dream to fly and spread their seeds. Everything is interconnected. Susan loves to embed the general shape of birds into her paintings in such a way that they become visible in the painting only after looking at it for a long time.  

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