Opening a package with my art inside.

Raku Bird Rattle, hand carved by Susan Cohen Thompson.Selling art on-line is an interesting challenge and can be a delight to connect with a buyer who would otherwise never have the opportunity to see your work or bring it into their home and life. I recently sold the ceramic piece pictured here (Raku Bird Rattle) to a woman in Virginia who found me on-line. I love the personal experience of selling directly from my Northwest studio and wanted the package to convey the feeling of warmth and attention I give to people visiting me in person.

Following is a copy of the e-mail to me from the buyer……

“Your beautiful handwriting on the box arriving at my office signaled much to look forward to.  Last night when I got home, I carefully opened the box, lifted out the packing to reach your note and the evocative cards of your paintings – thank you greatly for that extra generosity;  it will be such fun sharing your artwork with a few cherished friends via those cards!  Then I lifted out the lovely box and unwrapped the rattle –which is even more beautiful in person.  Its substantial heft surprised me and is so anchoring and comforting to hold and gently move to hear the just-so sounds.  Then I smiled to see the wire cradle you’d created for the rattle to nest in.

When I felt your rattle in my hands I instantly understood what my (now grown) stepson, Daniel, taught us when he was a little boy.  He’d sleep with every new baseball glove or other special treasure, so happy to have them in his life that he did not want to give them up for even a few hours.  I decided not to risk the rattle rolling off the bed and breaking, but smiled to feel Daniel’s “wisdom of delight”.  Who knows what stories such objects could tell, what flavors they’d give our dreams?

Thank you again and always.”