Next Kiln Load Includes Clay Forest

Susan Cohen Thompson prepares to test glaze colors creating forestI am very excited to arrive at this design for my glazing test tiles. These little trees, still green (unfired), are made from my favorite Christmas cookie cutter. After 5+ years working in the wonderful Stanwood House Ceramic Studio, I am attempting to work with clay in my painting studio and firing my work in the kiln Kathy Hastings loaned me, which is in our garage below my studio.

I have tried various other techniques to test glaze colors. It was glaze testing that lead me to making ceramic pins, which I proceeded to sell and with them went my test pieces. I think these test tiles will work and it will be fun for me to enlarge the forest over time. My kiln is small and I needed something upright. I have 18 new glazes, all yet to be tested. I have signed up for a few ceramic exhibitions, so I am on a deadline. I have a dozen carved pieces waiting in the wings without glaze and I need to figure out what my new work is going to look like.

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  • Congratulations! You are on a great roll. How exciting for you Susan. Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list. I will follow your progress.
    Best wishes to you both for a marvelous 2012 !!

  • re:…I need to figure out what my new work is going to look like…”

    I’m sure it will be fantastic—and like your all your other fantastic work, I do hope it will be both deeply spiritually earthy and earthly spiritual,
    Go for it! Judy Mieger

  • Your website is wonderful (thanks to Clay?) It’s good to see you expanding your vision. The trees are a hit. Looking forward to the end result.

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