Mystical Yellow Bird spotted at Museum Auction

Watercolor painting of mystical yellow bird inspired by Plain Chachalaca jungle in Tikal, GuatemalaThe Plain Rachachacha Walking on Water sold in an auction at The Museum Of Northwest Art in LaConner, WA over the weekend. The watercolor painting showing the mystical yellow bird was inspired by the Plain Chachalaca from the jungle in Tikal, Guatemala. The Plain Rachachacha, like its cousin in the jungle, lives near the water and walks on lily pads in search of food, hence its reputation for walking on water emerged.

The couple that purchased the painting recognized Egyptian influences in the look of the bird. I had never made that connection before, but on close examination, I would agree and this has stimulated some excitement for me. The bird has a few aspects that look Egyptian, and I would like to thank the new owners of the painting for sharing this observation with me.

The eye of the Rachachacha is human. I think it does resemble the Eye of Ra. Perhaps it is the profile. Even the stance of the feet have an Egyptian pose. Further, it it interesting that the name of the bird begins with Ra. Could this be a coincidence?

The symbolic interpretation of the Rachachacha for me, up to this point has been that it speaks of the sentient aspects of nature in the wild. The bird is a messenger from the natural world. Nature is alive with a conscious spiritual presence. The mystical Rachachacha emerged from Tikal. This is a place in the jungle where ancient pyramids from the Mayans emerge. I never made this connection with the Egyptian pyramids before. I love discovering new aspects of my own paintings pointed out by others.