Luminousity in Porcelain

Porcelain Bowl by Susan Cohen ThompsonHappy New Year and welcome to my Thompson Art Studio blog and website.


In all the years I have worked with clay, this is my first attempt to work in Porcelain. There is a interesting mythical quality working with this clay that is very different than the other clay bodies I have worked. The clay is very fragile and takes great care. It is easily broken, easily warped. Very challenging. It has a history that is quite different than the more earthly clay bodies I have experienced. I am aware of this sense of history as I work it.

This is my second porcelain bowl. The first one is in shards. It broke apart in my hands after I meticulously carved a design into its surface. It became a wonderful surface for glaze testing. Since I am working on luminosity and surface reflection right now, the porcelain is offering me a perfect material to explore.

“Porcelain Moon Vessel” is 7″ diameter x 2″ tall.


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