Celebrating the Moon

Moon Rattle Phase 2, bisque. Work in process, Susan Cohen Thompson, ceramicThis evening there will be a solar eclipse of the moon that will be visible from the Northwest at 6:18pm, if we can see it through the cloud cover.

To celebrate the eclipse, I am glazing the ceramic moon rattle I carved. The photo shows it after the bisque firing. The next step is to glaze and fire. This is the step that leads to a mysterious outcome even for the most experienced ceramic artist.

I am working on embracing the glazing process. There are about a dozen hand carved ceramic pieces that are waiting in line for glazing. Most of these new works have a moon carved into them and/or are circular forms. They are bowls, rattles and tiles.

There will be oil paintings with moons and bowls I can’t wait to work on as soon as I get some of this glazing accomplished.

I plan to post the carvings as I progress. If I can figure out how to upload the sound of the rattles, I plan to post my recordings. They all sound different.