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Susan Cohen Thompson’s writings

New Moon Bowl

I am continuing to work on bowls and moons. Some days I am painting in oil on canvas and other days I am carving in clay. I’ve made about a dozen ceramic bowls so far. This one is “New Moon Bowl”. It is upside down in this photo, so you can see the carving. The bowl is about 6″ in diameter. As I get my photos together, I will post them so you can see my progress.  

Mystical Yellow Bird spotted at Museum Auction

The Plain Rachachacha Walking on Water sold in an auction at The Museum Of Northwest Art in LaConner, WA over the weekend. The watercolor painting showing the mystical yellow bird was inspired by the Plain Chachalaca from the jungle in Tikal, Guatemala. The Plain Rachachacha, like its cousin in the jungle, lives near the water and walks on lily pads in search of food, hence its reputation for walking on water emerged. The couple that purchased the painting recognized Egyptian … Read More

Visualizing Interconnected Nature

This little watercolor painting, “Inner Nest of the Violet Greens” is an example of an overarching theme in my art. Birds, branches and leaves are flowing into each other. Even the sky takes on the shape of the birds. Everything is interconnected. However abstract my paintings look, it is my way of expressing how I see everything interwoven into the fabric of earth. Without the environment, the birds could not exist in the material world from which they emerge as … Read More

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