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News about Susan Cohen Thompson or the Thompson Art Studio Site

Preparing for a glaze firing

Currently in the studio, I am preparing for the first glaze firing in my own kiln. This is all experimental, as it generally is with glazing. Here is a photo of what I prepared today and yesterday. I am getting very excited. I just have a few more pieces to go before I have a kiln load ready. These are mostly glazes I am using for the first or second time. When I am painting on canvas, what I see … Read More

Purchase Susan’s prints on-line!

Warm greetings to all my visitors. Please notice that we have added a little shopping cart to my site. We are now offering Archival Gicleé Prints made from Susan’s paintings. We have started out with a few images and will build the collection from here, so if you see a painting on any of my pages that you would love a print of, please send me a note. I can print many of my images in a variety of sizes … Read More

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