Award for Tulip Birds Tile

Status Award fro Tulip Birds Ceramic TileI won a prize for my Tulip Birds tile last month in the Botanical Tile Juried Exhibition, part of “A Handmade Tile Show” sponsored by Artisan Tile Northwest and UW Botanical Gardens which was held at The UW Center for Urban Horticulture in Seattle. The Status Ceramics Award was for color, detail and originality.

I’ve been so busy in the studio since then, I almost forgot to post this. This is the first time I’ve entered this show. Artisan Tile Northwest is an association of professional handmade tile makers. If you are interested in handmade ceramic tiles and live in the Seattle area, this is a wonderful show to watch for.

The tile is hand carved, 5.5″x11″x1″, $ 425. It was fired in an electric kiln at cone 6 twice to bring out the colors.


More of my tiles and other ceramic pieces are on my Ceramics pages on this site.

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  • Susan, I like the implied sense of community ~ coming together. It’s a nice message as we enter the new millenium. Congratulations on the recognition. Sue

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