Preparing for a glaze firing

Currently in the studio, I am preparing for the first glaze firing in my own kiln. This is all experimental, as it generally is with glazing. Here is a photo of what I prepared today and yesterday. I am getting very excited. I just have a few more pieces to go before I have a kiln load ready. These are mostly glazes I am using for the first or second time. When I am painting on canvas, what I see … Read More

Developing a personal painting style

Over the years I have noticed many people commenting that my painting style is uniquely my own. I thought this was a good topic for my blog and hope it stimulates some interesting thinking, so I invite you to write your thoughts and comments. I have never been good at following instructions, which may account for how I developed my own style. The key is to trust yourself and follow your intuition. One delightful thing about creating art is that … Read More

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