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Inside, Outside, Surrounded By Green

Three views of the same bowl titled Surrounded By Green, Sunset Moonrise.
Ceramic, 9.5″ diameter and about 2.5″ high

This bowl is part of a series of bowls I have been working on this year. Primarily a painter over the last few decades, I have been working in ceramics more and more lately. The images were initially carved into flat rubbery tiles. The carvings were then hand pressed into both sides of a flat wet clay slab. The clay slab was then draped over a plaster hump form. The excitement of making bowls has several aspects for me. Working with the earthy clay material is calming and grounding. I think about the relationship of the colors and imagery between the interior of the bowl and its outside, creating meaning. The carvings are kin to my drawings, under-glazing with the colors is like painting on a dimensional canvas. Glazing is always a surprise and the finished piece is tactile and satisfying to hold. The bowl can be functional, but even when it is empty, it is full.

Reflecting on a new series

Blackbird Bowl with reflection, porcelain, 7″ diameter

I’ve spent the last few months working in the ceramic studio and getting ready for future shows.
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